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Winter is in full swing here in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, and along with colder temperatures and drier air conditions, the cold season can bring a host of skin problems. From flakey skin to more prominent lines and wrinkles, winter takes a toll on your skin.

The good news is that the team at SculptMD can help you fight back against the effects of winter weather with our complete line of skincare services and procedures. We also know that much skin damage can be minimized by taking critical preventive steps.

Keep reading to learn our top five wintertime skincare tips to help you keep your skin looking its best all season long!

1. Pay attention in the shower

While the colder temperatures may make a long, hot shower tempting, shorter, lukewarm showers are better for your skin. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends limiting showers to no more than ten minutes and keeping the tap at lukewarm.

You’ll also want to use soaps or cleansers that are free of fragrances and other irritating ingredients. And since soaps in general can by drying, try limiting the amount you use overall to help keep moisture in place.

2. Moisturize the right way

Winter here in the Northeast means colder temperatures and drier air — which spells trouble for your appearance as they dry out your skin. One of the best ways to combat the effects of winter weather on your skin is by keeping it moisturized.

Look for moisturizing creams or ointments, not lotions for the best winter protection. Be sure to pay special attention to your hands, which can dry out or get chapped from frequent hand washing. And keep moisture locked in by applying your moisturizer right after you shower, bathe, or wash your face or hands.

3. Don’t forget sunscreen

It’s true that winter sun rays may not feel as warm or strong on your skin, but the ultraviolet (UV) rays the sun emits keep breaking down your skin cells faster than would occur without the sun, regardless of the season. The result? A condition called photoaging.

Photoaging causes premature aging of your skin, and it’s responsible for most of the visible signs of aging we see, like fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, and discoloration. What’s more? The sun’s UV rays are more harmful to your skin in winter because this is when the ozone layer is its thinnest — and snow and ice reflect up to 90% of the rays, making it even more important to protect your skin.

Even on cloudy winter days, be sure you put on a broad-spectrum sunscreen to any areas of your body exposed to the sun’s UV rays. For the best protection, look for a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 protection, the level which blocks about 97% of harmful UV rays.

4. Check your indoor environment

While outdoor weather can impact your skin, your home environment can also wreak havoc on your skin if you’re not careful. Cranking up the heat may keep you toasty, but it also dries the air inside your home, making dry skin even drier.

Keep the thermostat set at a temperature that won’t dry your skin (72°F or below) for the best winter skin. And consider adding humidifiers to your home or office to bring extra moisture into the air.

5. Get professional help

Sometimes, the winter weather can still harm our skin despite our best efforts. That’s when it’s time to call in the professionals. At SculptMD Aesthetic Medical Spa, Dr. Manolakakis and our care team provide medical-grade services to help keep your skin in the pink of health all winter long.

Our team members can provide customized recommendations for your unique skincare needs, including services like chemical peels to rejuvenate your skin, hydrafacials to add much-need moisture to your face, and microneedling to promote skin repair and new skin cell growth.

For help combating winter weather and protecting your skin, or for personalized skin recommendations, contact SculptMD in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, or book an appointment online at your convenience.

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